Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Issues Installing ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder as Plugins on Mac

Here's a quick post on issues I was having while installing ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder, in case anyone else runs into the same.  I installed Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) and then added Flash Builder and ColdFusion Builder as plugins, which is a fine configuration.  The problems I was encountering were:
  1. Flash Builder reports - An internal error occurred during: "Creating Adobe Flash Player trust file...". com/adobe/flexbuilder/utils/osnative/NativeControl
  2. ColdFusion Builder does not color any code.  While that was the most obvious identifier, upon further inspection CF Builder didn't work period.
  3. Could not register CF Builder and was never even asked!  All registration links under the CF Builder Help menu were disabled (grayed out).
After reinstalling I started poking around on the web and it turns out that I had installed the wrong version of Eclipse.  I was used to installing Eclispe for JEE Developers.  The download link includes 2 MacOS versions, one for 32bit and one for 64bit.  Both Eclipse versiosn ran on Cocoa the framework instead of Carbon, which CF Builder does not support (and seemingly neither does Flash Builder).

When downloading Eclipse make sure you choose a Carbon build.  It is available under Eclipse Classic 3.6.1.  Just select Mac OS X(Carbon) from the download links list.

If you care about the framework differences in Carbon and Cocoa, check out Cocoa Vs. Carbon.