Monday, November 22, 2010

Help me pick my Blackberry Playbook App

I'm vacillating around 3 application for Playbook development and just can't decide which I should focus on.  I've started developing all three (or have developed them in Flex already for demos). Would you use any of these three apps:

1. Twitter app that shows your network by value.  Ratings are given based on 10 or so indicators to help you trim who you follow, as well as find your most valuable followers.  Using this app you can also explore your network and their networks network ;)

2. Another Twitter application, but this one lets you find out what the buzz is about.  Enter some keywords, and see whats happening on Twitter around those keywords (also bound by location if you want, i.e. what are people saying right now in San Francisco).  The result is two fold.  First, a tag cloud of trending is drawn and allows you to drill deeper.  Second, you can select a few people and map their networks, overlap, etc.  this was originally developed to allow tracking persons of interest via Twitter, flag their account, link their accounts to other social networks (i.e. YouTube and Facebook) and learn about how messages travel around social circles.

3. The last application is for the open government initiative.  I think this one has legs as well and follows a social visualization pattern to allow the user to select data from and filter the data into a set.  The user is then presented with a few chart/graph options that make sense for the present set (i.e. if they have geodata, allow them to create a heatmap).  They can then style and annotate the chart/graph and export to an image or PDF for dissemination to their email or social network.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts so I can clear my programming ADHD and focus on a single path.  Thanks!


  1. #1 and #3 sound good, I'd lean towards #3 since I'm sure there are probably already some web based tools to do #1

  2. I like #3 too, Nic. Seems like a more valuable gift to give to the world than yet another twitter app

  3. How about an opensource realestate app?