Friday, April 8, 2011

CFServant: Instant Service Tier - Episodes 1 and 2

This post is meant to show how quickly you can deploy a service tier with CFServant.  My goal with writing CFServant was to make deploying CF as a service tier simple.  Well, I don't think it gets easier than this!

I'm new to Jing, so these videos are large (in resolution). They are linked below.

Episode I:
Basic Service Object Creation

Episode II:
Basic DAO Usage (also shows load() method)

One thing I should've done in the last video is call the load() method with a new ID instead of no ID. What this would do is return a new object with the specified ID set.

My next video will show the Remote Proxy, which is where I really think people will get excited about CFServant. Enjoy!

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