Thursday, January 3, 2013

ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion 10 Together - Behind Apache HTTP Server

I have several projects using Adobe ColdFusion 9 and a new one starting on CF 10, so I needed to get CF 10 (running on Apache Tomcat of course) behind an Apache HTTP server.  I was having some issues finding anything via Google, but hidden behind a dead page that I could view only in text-mode via the cache was this gem from one of Adobe's ColdFusion engineers, Kavya: Co-existence of ColdFusion9 and ColdFusion10 using Apache web server

I was running a beta version of ColdFusion 10 so I had some issues initially, where the CF 10 instance ignoring the DocumentRoot directive and pushing me into the {cfwebroot}/cfusion/wwwroot directory.  One I reinstalled the latest release all was fine.

Two notes from Kavya's post:
  1. If you are not familiar with Apache HTTP server and are setting it up on multiple ports, you'll need to add Listen directives inside your httpd.conf file (e.g. Listen 81), one port per line.
  2. I set mine up all listening on port 80 and it worked beautifully.  Not sure if anyone still needs the workaround with multiple ports.
 Hope this cross-post will help Kavya's post get some traffic, as I couldn't find it on Google.

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