Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you ColdFusion Curious?

There is always lots of buzz about Adobe ColdFusion across social networking channels from developers. Most of it is positive, but ColdFusion also takes some abuse from programmers who have not used it. This criticism then gets met with some pushback from well-meaning CF developers, which in turn makes the bulk of us look like rabid loyalists.

Unfortunately for those scouring for information on language pros or cons, many of the negative statements are misinformed, heresy, and some of it is just good-natured ribbing (which I encourage as I do the same). I'd like to challenge all of you who use a web development language like Ruby, PHP, C# and ASP to take a single hour and attend one of the Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week sessions and challenge yourself to check out CF and see just how productive it can be. Don't worry, I won't tell any of your friends you were there ;)


  1. Agreed. I think regardless of what your favorite language is, learning about another can only make you a better, more informed developer.

  2. @JAlpino - Right on. I have used several server side languages now, and each has their own pros and cons. I couldn't make an assessment on each language though until I gave it a go for myself.